Everybody Rides Program


Our Everybody Rides Program has grown substantially since I started it in 2014.  I am always looking for ways to give back to my community and have found great satisfaction in what we have done for those in need with this program.  We have used bikes for all ages and genders – Youth to Adult.  If you were to stop in and we do not have a correct size bicycle for you, we will put you on a special list so that when a bicycle does get donated in your size range, we will contact you for immediate pick-up.


The program is very simple.  It involves 2 components:


  1. Our community donates bicycles that they are no longer using.

  2. My service techs will go through the bicycle with a tune-up, replace parts at our discretion and then wait for the next person from our community that stops in looking for assistance to own a bicycle.  This bicycle will be given to them FREE of charge.


If you or someone you know of has run across rough times or simply does not have in their budget to purchase a bicycle for themselves or family members, we are here to help when we have bicycles available.  Whether it be one bicycle or you need bicycles for the entire family, feel free to stop and talk with us.  Once bicycles have been given away, we hold no responsibility for repairs that may be needed down the road due to wear and tear, accidents, etc. etc.  Our hopes are that the bicycle be taken care of respectfully and if the time arises where the bicycle is no longer needed, you will donate it back for another worthy individual to benefit from.


If you have any further questions about our program or how it works, please contact me at 906-774-9519.  Recipients of FREE bicycles are strictly confidential.  No one other than myself and/or the staff person working with you will ever know who we have given bicycles to.  If you prefer to let people know where you have received the bicycle from, we are perfectly fine with you mentioning our name.  With many helping spread the word, we can obtain more donations and get more people riding bicycles.